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Prices include Ohio sales tax. 10% discount on 6 bottles or more.

2018 Rubato $18.00  *2020 Harvest Challenge Silver Medal Winner*
Our Rubato is 100% Chambourcin, oak barrel aged to produce vibrant aromas and flavors of toffee, black currant and cherry compote set off by plenty of smoky, toasty oak and a hint of black pepper. Light-bodied with soft tannins and bright fruit

2019 Refrain $18.00
The ripe dark fruit of the Cabernet Franc in this Bordeaux style blend of Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon pops with ripe berries and firm tannins.

2018 Bluegrass $26.00 *2021 Harvest Challenge Silver Medal Winner*
100% Chambourcin aged in Makers’ Mark bourbon barrels to bring out the cherry, oak, caramel, and a hint of smoke. Soft tannins and substantial mid palate

2020  Woodwind $14.00
Barrel fermented 100% Seyval Blanc. Pleasing fruit forward and soft, quaint oaky finish make this a favorite among our dry white consumers. This full bodied white is produced in the style of the great Alsatian Pinot Gris of Germany. Enjoy with seafood or fowl.

2020 Ovation $14.00
This spicy semi sweet summer sipper is 100% Traminette. Best served chilled as a pool side treasure or paired with spicy Cajun seafood or chicken.

2018 Concerto $14.00
Our Concerto is 100% Vidal Blanc. Most Ohio wine makers ferment this grape either very sweet (Ice Wine) or very dry. We ferment our Concerto semi-sweet at 2% residual sugar, producing a Germanic (Riesling) style white wine with an uncharacteristic Peach/Apple/Pear forward. This is a great summer wine, as it is both refreshing and smooth.

2018 Chamber Suite $14.00
Our Chamber Suite is the semi sweet version of our famous Rubato. The exception is that this wine is aged in refrigerated stainless steel tanks, which highlights the black cherry and berry forward. Enjoy frosty cold.

2020 Aria Rose' $14.00
This off dry rose' is a blend of Chambourcin and Seyval Blanc, creating a refreshing pink grapefruit forward rose' with a nice balance of residual sugar and acid. Great served chilled with spicy seafood dishes or alone as a summer sipper.

2021 Cover Song $17.00
We are certain that we are the only producers of homegrown Black Currant wine in the tri state. This refreshing semi sweet gem is only available about every 4 years due to the growth habit of our Tritonia Black Currants. BUT, this wine is well worth the wait.

Dessert Wines

2021 Dawnsong $17.00
Peach Dessert Wine

2021 Rhythm & Blues $17.00 (Coming Soon)
Blueberry Dessert Wine

2018 Courante $26.00
Black Currant Dessert Wine