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2018 Rubato $18.00
Our 'Signature Red' is 100% Chambourcin, barrel aged to produce vibrant aromas and flavors of toffee, black currant and cherry compote set off by plenty of smoky, toasty oak and a hint of black pepper. Medium-bodied with soft tannins and a lingering finish.

2017 Refrain $18.00
The ripe dark fruit of the Cabernet Franc in this Bordeaux style blend of Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon pops with ripe berries and firm tannins.

2017 Blue Grass $26.00
Maker's Mark Bourbon Barrel Reserve Chambourcin.

2018 Woodwind $14.00
Barrel fermented 100% Seyval Blanc. Pleasing fruit forward and smooth oaky finish make this a favorite among our (previous) Chardonnay drinkers looking for a little more excitement out of their dry white table wine.

2018 Ovation $14.00
Made from the Traminette grape, which is the American daughter of the German Gewurtztraminer grape. Aged in stainless steel tanks. Has a bit of spiciness, which is a trait of this grape. 2% residual sugar. Excellent with turkey.

2017 Concerto $14.00
Our Concerto is 100% Vidal Blanc. Most Ohio wine makers ferment this grape either very sweet (Ice Wine) or very dry. Too sweet can mask the unique taste of Vidal, while too dry produces a wine that is 'grassy' (herbaceous). Neither pleases me. We ferment our Concerto semi-sweet at 2% residual sugar, producing a Germanic (Riesling) style white wine with an uncharacteristic Peach/Apple/Pear forward. This is a great summer wine, as it is both refreshing and smooth. 

2018 Chamber Suite $14.00
Chamber Suite is 100% Chambourcin. Aged in stainless steel to preserve its soft black cherry forward and gentle tone, it gathers power on the finish with just the right balance of residual sugar and acid. A natural with ribs.

2018 'Aria' Blush $14.00
Semi-sweet Seyval Blanc with just a touch of Chambourcin created a refreshing pink grapefruit forward blush with a nice balance of residual sugar and acid. Great served chilled with spicy seafood dishes or alone as a summer sipper.

2017 Dawnsong $17.00
Peach Dessert Wine

2016 Berry Suite $17.00 SOLD OUT
Blackberry Dessert Wine

2019 Rhythm & Blues $17.00
Blueberry Dessert Wine

2018 Courante $26.00
Black Currant Dessert Wine